Issuance of diet additives in Poland

Issuance of diet additives in Poland


  • Start date: 04 July 2022
  • Start time: 11:00 (Kyiv)
  • Finish date: 04 July 2022
  • Finish time: 17:00 (Kyiv)
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Break: yes
  • Category: Registration of medicines
  • Format: Video Record
  • Venue: Online
  • Language class: Русский



    Part I

    Registration (putting into circulation) of dietary supplements (supplementy diety) in Poland.

    Types of dietary supplements (supplementy diety) in Poland, in accordance with current legislation

    Authorized bodies for control and supervision of quality and safety, their powers

    Market analysis of dietary supplements (supplementy diety) in Poland

    Permitted active substances in dietary supplements (vitamins and minerals, substances of plant and animal origin, novel food, others)

    Quality requirement for dietary supplements produced in Poland and imported from countries outside the European Union

    The procedure for introducing dietary supplements into circulation in Poland. Examples



    Part II

    Labeling (labeling) and presentation of dietary supplements (supplementów diety) in Poland

    Requirements for packaging, marking, labeling and presentation of dietary supplements. Liability for Violations in the Circulation of Dietary Supplements

    Mandatory information to be applied to the packaging material. Examples

    The list of health-improving information "oświadczeń zdrowotnych" acceptable for placement on packages and accompanying material (instructions, etc.). Examples.

    Basic rules for the presentation of dietary supplements (social media, advertising)

    Rules for informing the buyer about the origin of the product

    Rules for placing information such as "Natural", "Gluten free", "Non GMO" on the packaging, instructions.