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"Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Messenger" is an information and analytical newspaper for specialists in the field of drug circulation. Its first issue was published on November 15, 1995. At that time, the pharmaceutical market of the republic was at the very beginning of its development. Its participants faced a lot of problems, the most acute of which was the lack of information. There was a need for an industry information publication. And it appeared. The response of the pharmaceutical community to the first issues of "KFM", which looked very modest, since they were printed on ordinary newsprint, showed how necessary and useful the publication was.


The archive of the newspaper reflects the history of the development of the pharmaceutical market in Kazakhstan. Every year the sphere of circulation of medicines is changing. Our newspaper is also changing: its design has become bright and modern, and its content has become more diverse.


Writing for professionals is a big responsibility. We strive to ensure that "KFM" not only reflects what is happening in the industry as fully as possible, but also helps readers to keep abreast of its trends. This would not have been possible without the constant close interaction of the editorial staff with participants in all parts of drug circulation: entrepreneurs, their public associations, government agencies, departments of drug supply of health departments. The readership is a full participant in the formation and development of our newspaper.


"KFM" is a source of up-to-date, reliable, objective information for all specialists involved in the development and production, wholesale, retail sale of drugs, drug supply and treatment prescription. The subject of the newspaper's publications covers all sectors of the pharmaceutical market and a wide range of problems of pharmaceutical activity and drug supply.


Readers of "KFM" have the opportunity to get acquainted once every two weeks with new resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders of the Ministry of Health, the Committee of Pharmacy and other regulatory legal acts in the field of circulation of medicines, news of registration (re-registration) of medicines in the Republic of Kazakhstan. "KFM" also publishes materials on topical issues of pharmaceutical activity, analytical articles on import, export and production, pharmacy and hospital sales of medicines, news of medicine, pharmacy and the pharmaceutical market. The pages of the newspaper also reflect foreign experience in organizing medical and drug care, and running the pharmaceutical business.


Each issue of "KFM" has a section addressed to pharmacists - "Pharmacist's Corner", which contains a variety of materials on various aspects of the pharmacy business (including merchandising, assortment formation, personnel management, etc.).


The editorial office of "KFM" is located in Almaty, its staff is small, however, the qualifications of the staff make it possible to ensure a high level of published materials and the relevance of their topics. Close cooperation with specialists working in the industry also helps in this: heads of professional public associations, representatives of the authorized body in the field of medicines, departments of medicine supply of local health authorities. Some of them are members of the editorial board of "KFM".