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Purpose and problems of the journal


The purpose of the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Journal is to highlight the practical activities of Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry enterprises, the main problems of organizing and coordinating fundamental and applied scientific medical and pharmaceutical research, topical issues in the development of science and innovation, the current state and prospects for research in the most important areas of medical and pharmaceutical science as in Ukraine and in the world, reports on the achievements of scientific teams and individual scientists.


The target audience of the periodical is a wide range of scientists, pharmacists and doctors, masters and bachelors of medicine and pharmacy, organizers of the healthcare system, managers and specialists of practical pharmacy enterprises (manufacturers, organizations of wholesale and retail sales of medicines), teachers, graduate students and doctors of medical and pharmaceutical institutions of higher education. The journal is included in the list of publications of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine, where the main results of dissertations for the degree of candidate (Doctor of Philosophy) and Doctor of Science in scientific specialties in pharmacy and pharmacology can be published.


Journal tasks are implemented according to the sections:

• Organization and management of pharmacy

• Pharmaceutical technology

• Clinical pharmacology

• Pharmacology

• Homeopathic pharmacy

• Synthesis and analysis of biologically active compounds

• Pharmacognostic, phytochemical studies

• Production, quality control, drug standardization

• Forensic Pharmacy

• Pharmacoeconomics

• Pharmaceutical education

• Topical issues. Discussions

• Reviews

• Events, facts

• Experience exchange